Image of the week: Hannah Mooney at The Lab

The image of the week is the wonderful installation of  work entitled “But Never Mind” by Hannah Mooney at the Lab. Mooney’s aesthetic has a sensuality to it and though textureless in and of itself, the work makes use of images of many textures in a secondary capacity, i.e. through the photographic medium and video work. The only real thing here are the onions.

The segmentation of the sculptural work into a triptych cleverly imbues an immediacy to the action and frames the work in-terms of the viewer. It also hints at a type of ontological reasoning that has been a part of Art History long before we started to create representational forms of art. This was crystallised in modern times by Rene Magritte when he pointed out “ceci n’est pas une pipe”; this is not a pair of eyes, this is an image of a pair of eyes and she is not crying because of the spilt milk (or the onions for that matter).

Hannah Mooney But Never Mind at The Lab is curated by Anne Mullee and runs until July 31st.



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