IADT Graduate exhibition 2014

From abstract compositions, to graphic outlines, to surreal explorations and personal insights, the photography shown at this year’s IADT graduate exhibition delivers a strong and thematically varied showing of work. The surreal and brilliantly composed works of Marie Murray, each containing just enough paraphernalia and set amongst the rot of several wallpapered rooms, provides an exploration into the artist’s mind. The images are cut and pasted into a single frame or ‘room’ and  bring to mind Richard Hamilton’s 1950’s Pop Art collages; though I suspect the technique here is more complex (and less ironic). Marie Murray 1 Many of the graduates are interested in self-analysis but their composure and insight in examining this subject is intriguing. Far from being hysterical, the works shown deliver complex multiple perspectives and insights, oftentimes through the language of familiarity. Compositionally brave both in her use of angles and subject matter, Lynn Atkinson’s work offers insightful singular perspectives; the balance of each work is also rather startlingly beautiful. Jettisoning the bucolic art of landscape into arbitrations between the city and its inhabitants, David Greene’s ‘Nervous City’ delves into the isolation that only a life lived in the denseness of the city can provide. Kyle Tunney’s work meanwhile gives the viewer an un-cluttered look at technology and life; the image of a couple lying in their bed provides a particularly striking and intimate portrait. Clare Ryan’s images explore spontaneity: A baby thrown into the air by his mother is set beautifully off-centre, as such the work takes on a 21st Century icon aspect; a contemplative art object sourced from the everyday.
davidgreene_4Paintings did not figure much this year however works by Ailbhe Nic Cinngamhna which examine beauty in the improbable place of pylons are well worth a look. Many of the sculptural works in the exhibition are complex and aspirational, oftentimes echoing the recent trend in room scattering compositions that make use of scientific materials.

I missed Moxie Studio’s showing of the IADT Photography students and I am very glad that I was given the opportunity to redress that here. The work featured is highly accomplished and I have no doubt that we will be seeing this lot again.

This exhibition ends June 10th at IADT Kill Avenue Dun Laoghaire.


In the spirit of blog collegiality I will be reviewing this week’s DIT graduate show for Collected (www.wearecollected.com). 

Main Image: Lynn Atkinson ‘Aberration’ (2014).  Central image: Marie Murray (2014) IADT Graduate Exhibition. Bottom image: David Greene from ‘Nervous City’ (2014) series. All IADT Graduate Show.


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