ArtDublin at EVA Limerick

ArtDublin went on a photo-tour of Ireland’s biennial of contemporary art, EVA Limerick, curated this year by Bassam El Baroni and featuring a host of international as well as home-grown artists throughout venues in Limerick. The scope was possibly too vast for the format, the theme, “Agitationism”, fielding everything from currency and the Greek economy, to media representations of Brazil, to the economic situation at home; the manner of its presentation however and the works chosen were impressive.

AGITATIONISM attempts to grasp the sense of living under agitation while capturing how we are slowly adapting to a different perception of the world by working through our relationships with historical ideologies, post-colonial narratives, other forms of life (animals for example), and speculations about the not-so-distant future.(Ref. EVA Limerick exhibition guide)

The destitution evident in the huge Kerry Group ex-headquarters on O’Callaghan Strand; a prime venue for most of the 56 works, remained palpable. The stand-out pieces however were reserved for the gloriously diminutive Limerick City Gallery of Art. Stunning video works from Malik Helmy (image above left) and Eva Richardson McCrea as well as an installation by Amanda Beech stand-out; their cinematic prowess bringing an unsettling sheen to the content of both the works themselves and the overall exhibition. Furthermore an extremely clear programme guide/map and interactive social media campaign finessed by artist Garrett Phelan adds clarity and professionalism to the event.

Here is the photo-tour!


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