Weekly round-up July 16th

I dropped into Project on Thursday, the downstairs gallery installation is an odd juxtaposition of material and wood sculpture, the oddity is I suppose workable in the overall scheme of theatricality and performance. The sound and light installations in the cube next door work to best advantage when one considers the previous works and there is an element of anticipation to many of the pieces on the ground floor, an expectation of what is to come rather than a cohesive unity between each work. This is not a criticism, I think in the context of the show development this is an interesting curatorial tool. I was hugely impressed with Sam Keogh’s Terrestris in the theatre upstairs – OK it is theatrical and showy, but brilliant at that. Kerlin opened another group show last Thursday, the large Isabel Nolan sculpture being the star; a work previously shown in her successful Sligo show. The piece needs space however and certain works chosen to sit on the walls surrounding it did nothing for the exhibition. I think the Liam Gillick wall sculpture worked well, as did the Merlin James’ paintings but personally I would have removed the Phil Collins’ photographs along with the David Godbolds’. There must have been some reason for placing all these works together but I can’t think of one.


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