Exhibition Round-up June 26th.

Nevan Lahart never fails to make me laugh but his recent work does sit oddly in the TBG&S space. It is however good that social commentary is given a voice in the arts today because much of what we have seen in the last 2 years has been very safe indeed. Many artists are reverting to a type of work that they either know is popular or will sell. This is often a disaster. Willie Doherty is at Kerlin with some newly-processed old photographic works. I long for Willie Doherty to return to film, he is such a natural film-maker that looking at the still image now leaves one wanting so much more. Garrett Phelan has an excellent solo show at IMMA RHK. The works are very well laid out in the space of the New Galleries. The delicacy of each piece is fine-tuned throughout the stages of the exhibition; the lower galleries displaying projected works which are definitely the high point of an intricate schematic. Aleana Egan is suberb at Douglas Hyde (see review below). I also went along to the Science galleries ‘Hack the City’ which has some nice video works on the upper floor, though I still struggle to come to terms with this space and the gallery exhibition ethic. The NCAD MFA shows on School St were great to get a look at, the students remained professional even though the works had to contend with leaks and smashed windows – does NCAD have any budget for this? Many openings coming up this week so stay posted.


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