Here’s a reminder that Amy Stephens’ Restless Nature closes tonight at Oonagh Young Gallery. Each work in this exhibition is well balanced and grounded and though the materials are dealt with a delicate touch, each object appears immovable; weighted through its sheer determination – and this speaks much to the artist’s personality and success. The flock angular armatures rest precariously at the edge of wooden bases; the lineaments of each perfectly aligned. Minimalist precision however is eschewed through the working of brightly coloured tape and ribbon. The definite angles in Stephen’s sculptural work add gravity and substance to that which initially appears light. The artist does reference the landscape where the works are developed, also the use of flock; a by-product of sheep wool, all bring together the elemental. Stephen’s work is at a very interesting juncture; one feels that she could at any point completely alter her approach and this was visible during her residency at IMMA and the work created for the process room. It was very prescient that this exhibition occurred at such an important stage of Stephen’s practice.

An exquisite photographic edition is well worth a specific mention; this work sits at a remove from the sculptural forms and aptly demonstrates the artist’s scope and capability. It is this delicate arm to Stephen’s practice that makes me think she can go in any direction with great aplomb – watch this space


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