I went along to the Pallas review show on Friday night – it was a magazine type show using the multifarious aspects of art as resource rather than a simple showing of work. This template injects a modal viewer capability into the exhibition-viewer relationship yet can easily fall into a general review with little referencing to the curator’s methodology. Nodal action does tend to result in singular outcome at the end of manifold rejections and reaffirmations, processes evolve, patterns form adhere and break-apart; At the end of this complex process one pathway that retains a singular purpose is ultimately chosen. And yet here I felt that the complexity was mid-term and many curators intermixed with many artists and differing practices all resulted in the necessity for the viewer to filter – without this agreement on behalf of the viewer one simply gets a mess.

I do like the fact that this method of display places the viewer as participant in a manner that is more than performative. However too many nodal points and referencing can and does displace the overall aesthetic of the show and without any cohesion between the artists one is left looking at the work in terms of an annual review show without any real theoretical depth. The notion of using curatorial practice as resource is interesting yet ultimately awkward.


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